Devon Chambers is a passionate advocate for the pupillage system. We believe that the recruitment of pupils is central to the growth and stability of Chambers and understand the importance of creating a nurturing environment in which the pupil can flourish at the start of his or her career. We have continued to offer pupillage during the public health pandemic.

Two of our members (Jason Beal and Piers Norsworthy) have delivered training for pupil supervisors on the Western Circuit and, as a consequence, Devon Chambers’ pupils can be assured that their pupillage will be structured in accordance with best practice models.

Our pupillage coordinator (Amy Edinborough) is dedicated to ensuring that every pupil gets the best training possible; she has created a welcoming programme for pupils and is committed to ensuring that pupils are integrated into Chambers from the time that they accept pupillage – this can be particularly useful in helping future pupils in that period between accepting a pupillage offer and beginning pupillage. The pupillage team work closely with the mini-pupillage officer and the Devon Chambers’ Students’ Forum to ensure that Devon Chambers remains at the vanguard of friendly and progressive sets of Chambers.

We at Devon Chambers recognise that we have not yet met our own goals for a diverse Chambers. We actively encourage applications from those from a minority background.

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Pupillage 2024 Bootcamp

In 2022, Devon Chambers began a Pupillage Applications “Bootcamp”, in line with our Anti Racism statement. We are pleased to confirm we will be running the bootcamp again this year, supporting 15 individuals during pupillage application season. This is aimed to help improve diversity at the Bar, and so we ask applicants to confirm that you belong to one of the specified groups which statistics show are under-represented at the Bar:

– you are from an ethnic minority background

– you are a refugee

– you spent more than 3 months in local authority care

– you have a disability or long term health condition

– you identify as being a part of the LGBTQ+ community

– you attended state school or a non-selective comprehensive school and are in the first generation within your family to attend University

– you were permanently excluded from a school before completing secondary school

– you were eligible for free school meals during school and attended a state school or non-selective comprehensive school

The 15 successful applicants will be assigned a barrister from Devon Chambers, who will provide general guidance and support regarding pupillage applications. You will be offered 2 video calls with the barrister; the first session will focus on written applications, and the second will focus on interview performance. This will be an opportunity to ask barristers questions about pupillage applications and interviews, and you will also receive feedback on your own application and performance.

The help you are given is not specifically targeted at the Devon Chambers pupillage process. We aim to help candidates with their general application and interview skills, as part of our commitment to improving diversity at the Bar. We will of course be delighted to receive applications for pupillage, but your participation in the Bootcamp scheme will not factor in our pupillage recruitment process. This means that you do not have to worry that your time with your assigned barrister will be assessed for our own purposes, and so you are free to ask whatever questions you choose.

Applications for the Bootcamp are now closed.