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Nicholas Bradley

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Core Practice Area: Family
Call: 2014 (Solicitor 1979)
Inner Temple
Education: College of Law

"the barrister, who was really good, I feel confident with him and how he works I really like” Client

Nicholas qualified as a solicitor in England & Wales in 1979 and in Hong Kong in 1992. He was awarded Higher Rights of Audience (All Proceedings) as a solicitor in 1997 and transferred to the Bar in November 2014.

Having completed articles in private practice in Manchester he prosecuted for the forerunner of the Crown Prosecution Service. He was then appointed as Crown Counsel and subsequently Senior Crown Counsel in the Attorney General’s Chambers in Hong Kong undertaking both criminal and civil litigation on behalf of the Government before returning to England in 1997. He then practised as an independent solicitor advocate in general practice (criminal and civil) on the Western Circuit before accepting an invitation to join a niche criminal law practice, as a partner in 2002. He remained there as the firm’s principal in-house Crown Court advocate until transferring to the Bar. He has represented lay clients and the Crown in trials and other proceedings before Crown, County and magistrates courts not only on the Western Circuit but also further afield, as well as appearances in the Court of Appeal.

Criminal and Regulatory

Nicholas has experience of both prosecuting and defending in cases across the whole spectrum of criminal law, including murder and manslaughter, other offences of violence, rape and other sexual offences, drug trafficking, and fraud, as well as road traffic cases including those involving death and serious injury. He has also represented clients in respect of disciplinary proceedings and regulatory prosecutions, most particularly those brought by Trading Standards and DEFRA in relation to agriculture and animal welfare.


"Nick was excellent just the kind of person I needed to support me - very calm!!!"

Nicholas invites instructions in relation to family law cases, particularly finding of fact and those relating to domestic abuse and non-accidental injury in which his criminal law experience will be relevant. He has recently acted in proceedings relating to non-molestation, and is currently dealing with applications for child arrangements. Nicholas has also accepted instructions in private law children matters as well as ancillary relief.

Other Areas

Nicholas has experience in and also invites instructions in respect of judicial review, courts martial, mental health, the Court of Protection and immigration. Nicholas is on the Home Office list for immigration appeals.


Although based in the South West Nicholas is prepared to accept instructions to appear in courts across the country.

Notable cases

ECC v TH – Acting for the defendant in committal proceedings brought by the local authority in pursuance of an Anti Social Behaviour Injunction.

R v W – Defence in relation to allegation of sexual touching of a child.

R v M – Defence regarding arson of house reckless as to endangerment of life.

R v V – Defence in respect of attempted murder.

R v F – Defence in relation to possession of Class A with intent.

R v H – Defence in dwelling burglary in which the accused admitted burglary of an adjoining garden room, but denied burglary of the house.

R v M – Defence in conspiracy to supply cocaine and cannabis.

R v C – Acting for the appellant before the Court of Appeal in order to rectify as error in respect of an extended sentence.

T & others v HKG – Representing the Hong Kong Government in respect of a personal injury claim brought by over 100 Vietnamese asylum seekers arising out of riot and arson in a detention centre.

Re: P – Appearing for the Government in Hong Kong in wardship proceedings in respect of an infant who required life-altering medical treatment against the wishes of her mother.

HKG v Osman – Part of the team dealing with the multi-million fraud on respect of the Malaysian national bank, incorporating extensive litigation in respect of extradition (R v Governor of Brixton Prison, Ex p. Osman [1992] 1 All E.R., 579, Div.Ct.)

Representing the HK Government and speaking at an international conference held in the United States in respect of organised crime and confiscation.

Leading the drafting and introduction of legislation in Hong Kong enabling the confiscation of criminal proceeds and evidential provisions to facilitate the prosecution of organised criminal groups.

Gathering evidence in Malaysia and elsewhere on behalf of the Hong Kong Government, and acting on behalf of the United States Government to give effect to letters of request.