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Emily Cook

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Core Practice Area: Criminal Defence
Cambridge University
Criminal Bar Association

Emily joined chambers having moved from London to Devon. In London Emily undertook pupillage and then tenancy at 25 Bedford Row Chambers, one of London’s top criminal defence sets.

In her 10 years at 25 Bedford Row Emily built up a reputation as a tenacious defender, described by the Court of Appeal as ‘feisty’, ‘eloquent’ and ‘forceful’.  She has experience in sexual offences, serious violence, drugs importation and supply, firearms, arson and child cruelty.

She was also instructed for her interest and experience in complex legal arguments with regard to historic sexual offences, abuse of process, exclusion of evidence and appeal against conviction.

Emily is also a Category 3 Level Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service.


Serious Violence

  • R-v- Turner – Led Junior in first trial of a murder case. Responsible for legal argument in which key low copy DNA evidence was successfully excluded. Defendant subsequently convicted at retrial with different representation.
  • R-v- Amoah – Led Junior in murder trial involving large-scale gang fight with multiple eyewitnesses.
  • R v Sajadi & Others –Led junior for 1st Defendant – multi-handed kidnapping and firearms conspiracy with cut throat defences run by two co-defendants against our client.
  • R –v- Aston & Ors –Led Junior for first defendant in trial of large-scale public order incident and hammer attack. Case involved multiple defendants and multiple eyewitnesses.
  • R v B - Counsel for youth client allegedly involved in a serious stabbing on a bus.
  • R –v- S – Counsel for young man acquitted of stabbing his brother in s18 trial originally charged as attempted murder.
  • R –v- P – Counsel in two trials (s18 robbery / ABH) representing same defendant with severe learning difficulties. Successfully argued defendant fit to plead despite his learning difficulties (contrary to view of prosecution expert) to enable him to put forth his positive defence. Represented him at both trials in which he successfully gave evidence and was acquitted.
  • R v Popoola - Counsel in multi handed false imprisonment case running cut throat defence.


  • R-v-Simpson Counsel for first defendant in multi handed conspiracy to supply firearms representing individual described by police as key supplier of firearms to North London (eventual guilty plea).
  • R v Anicotte Instructed to represent defendant with mental health problems who had accidentally shot friend with illegally held firearm (guilty plea).
  • R v M Instructed in trial involving violent gunpoint robbery at a residential address.


Sexual Offences

  • R-v-Mc Led junior in historic sexual offences case involving multiple allegations of sexual abuse of younger siblings. Specifically requested to prepare abuse arguments with regard to delay in prosecution.
  • R v M Led junior in historic sexual offences case involving 3 separate complainants alleging ‘buggery’, indecent assault and false imprisonment. Prepared abuse of process arguments and legal arguments on rebuttable / irrebuttable presumptions arising from historic nature of case and young age of defendant at time of the allegations.
  • R-v- R & Ors – Instructed for first defendant with multiple counts of sexual assault against multiple complainants, all taking place in care home (prepared trial including legal arguments but case had to be  returned because of an overrunning trial).
  • R v V - Counsel in trial involving allegations of sexual assault and attempted rapes.

Drug Importation

  • R –v- Rekhoum & Ors – Led junior for Defendant acquitted at retrial of large-scale, repeated cocaine importation via Federal Express.

Associated Work

  • Worked as an intern for NAACP Legal Defence Fund in New York working on death penalty cases with a focus on confessions by those with learning difficulties.
  • Undertook research for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office regarding state constitutionality of the death penalty in New York State and consequences of Vienna Convention violations in New York courts.
  • Lectured on asylum defences with regard to illegal entry into the UK and the use of false identity documents and abuse of process arguments against prosecuting the victims of human trafficking.