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Devon Chambers is accredited by the Law Society as a provider of Continuing Professional Development which allows us to host seminars on any topic and awards attendees CPD points.

To download the handout, please click on the relevant title below.

We intend to continue to provide ongoing training on all areas of development in law and practise. If there is any area in which you would benefit from training, discuss it with our clerks and we will organise a seminar in that area.

To reserve a place on any seminar please feel free to discuss it with our Clerks.

Future seminars:

Details of future seminars will be posted here.


Previous Seminars:

December 2018 December 2018 Piers Norsworthy's lecture at Derriford Hospital “Murder and a bit or Manslaughter".
October 2017 Family Seminar presented by DNA Legal 
December 2016

Criminal Law Seminar

Fire Investigation-Truths and Myths - Emma Wilson
Child Cruelty:s5 Domestic Violence, Crime Victims Act 2004 and Joint Family/Crime Hearings - Jo Martin
The Compulsory New Approach to Vulnerable Witnesses - Piers Norsworthy

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November 2016

Family Law Seminar

Children:Public and Private Law Update - Victoria Hoyle
New Style Hearings in Family Courts - what have we learnt from Family Drug and Alcohol Courts - Sally Daulton
Section 20 and Evidence - Nicholas Bradley

March 2016

Criminal Law Seminar

Jogee [2016] UKSC and the effect on joint enterprise liability - Emily Cook
FNC [EWCA] Crim 1732 concerning DNA evidence and submissions of no case to answer - Richardo Childs
Serious Crime Prevention Orders - Rupert Taylor

 July 2015

Criminal Law Seminar
Developments in Serious Road Traffic Offences - Piers Norsworthy
Expert Evidence-an Overview and What Next? - Joanna Martin
Vulnerable Witnesses - The New Landscape - Jason Beal


 Family Law Seminar - Devon Chambers held a Family Law Seminar in conjunction with Devon Resolution at The Business Space, Plymouth.


 Housing Seminar - Russell James of Devon Chambers held a Housing Upate Seminar At St Olaves, Exeter


Criminal Law Seminar
Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving and Causing Death by Driving: Unlicenced, Disqualified or Uninsured Drivers - Piers Norsworthy
Road Traffic Offences and Perverting the Course of Justice - Sally Daulton
Developments in Death by Dangerous/Careless Driving - Rupert Taylor

Road Traffic Offending and Civil Liability -  Scott Horner


Criminal Law Seminar
Update on POCA - Joanna Martin
Cash Seizure and Forfeiture - Julia Cox
Cheating the Revenue - Sarah Vince
Sentencing Guidelines for Corporate Fraud - Sally Daulton

25/04/2014 Criminal Law Seminar Devon Chambers held a CPD accredited seminar on Fraud and Confiscation in Truro and again in Plymouth on 15/05/2014
27/03/2014 Jackson: The Culture and Case Law Devon Chambers' Russell James held a breakfast seminar at St Olaves, Exeter
11/03/2014 Immigration and Housing Seminar Devon Chambers' Jennifer Tear and Russell James held seminars on Immigration and Housing in Bristol
05/03/2014 Immigration Seminar Devon Chambers' Jennifer Tear held an Immigration Law Seminar in Plymouth

Criminal Law Seminar
New Sentencing Guidelines for Sexual Offences - Emily Cook
S28 Youth Justice & Criminal Evidence Act 1999 - Rupert Taylor
S41 Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1998 - Jason Beal
Sexual Offences Case Study - Kelly Scrivener

30/01/2014 Criminal Law Seminar Devon Chambers held a CPD accredited seminar on Sexual Offences in Plymouth and again in Truro on 17/02/2014
12/12/2013 Family Law Seminar Devon Chambers held a CPD accredited Family Law Seminar in Plymouth and again in Truro on 13/01/2014 

Criminal Law Seminar
Disclosure: A Practical Guide - Jason Beal
Seeking Indications as to Sentence - Edward Bailey
Financial Reporting Orders - Victoria Hoyle
Sentencing Update - Sally Daulton


Criminal Law Seminar
New Crown Court Case Management - H.H.J. Darlow
Anti-Social Behaviour Update - Russell James
Modern Technology in Court - Piers Norsworthy
Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 - Julia Cox


Criminal Law Seminar
Criminal Update - Kelly Scrivener
SOPOs, Guidance from the Smith Case - Jason Beal
Restraining Orders - Sally Daulton
Case Management and the Rules - Robert Linford

28/09/2011 Housing Seminar
Devon Chambers' Russell James held a Housing and Homelessness Update Seminar.
20/09/2011 Planning Enforcement Seminar
Devon Chambers' Russell James held a Planning Injunctions and Enforcement Seminar at North Devon District Council.
02/10/2010 Criminal Seminar
Devon Chambers' Criminal Team held a CPD accredited course.