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Kelly Scrivener

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Core Practice Area: Crime
Call: 2001
Lincoln's Inn

Kelly Scrivener has developed a busy criminal practice since completing her pupillage at Devon Chambers in 2002. She appears for both the Prosecution and the Defence in all matters before the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division). She has a particular expertise in sexual offences, cases involving children and those involving Defendants or witnesses with learning difficulties. She is popular amongst local solicitors as a result of her client-based approach towards case preparation and the patience and skill which she applies towards her cases. Kelly is always happy to give professional clients impromptu telephone advice on any matter arising in the case.

She is a grade 3 Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service and she is on the panel for those who prosecute rapes and serious sexual offences. In the past 12 months, the trials which she has conducted have included:

  • defending a young man charged with serious offences against a number of teenage girls
  • defending a man with very severe learning difficulties charged with a serious sexual assault upon another resident of a care home; the case involved complex legal arguments regarding fitness to plead
  • defending a man charged with historical sexual offences against three generations of his own family
  • defending a woman charged with historical sexual offences against members of her own family, including allegations of facilitating the commission of rape
  • defending a man charged with sexual offences against his step-daughter; the police investigation involved the exhumation of a family member
  • prosecuting as a led junior a "baby-shaking" manslaughter
  • prosecuting a man charge with multiple rapes upon his daughter; the case involved interpretation and presentation of DNA evidence