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Over the past decade, the crime team at Devon Chambers has grown through a conscious policy of developing young tenants and welcoming those with more established practices. The depth which this has produced means that the team is now able to offer choice to instructing solicitors at all levels of experience.

We are able to provide an advocate with specialism in the area of criminal law which suits a particular case. We offer immediate and practical advice, whether in writing, email or by telephone. Instructing solicitors should not hesitate to telephone Chambers at any time with any query, large or small, and the clerks will ensure that a member is available to help with advice.

Since 2007 the crime team has provided regular seminars which are accredited with the Law Society and the Bar Council for the purposes of continuing professional development (CPD). These popular seminars, for which we continually receive excellent critical feedback, are designed to keep solicitors up to date with new developments in criminal law; they have recently been expanded to incorporate talks from expert and professional witnesses on topical issues.



Members on the CPS Advocates Panel and those on the RASSO list

Jason Beal (1993) Grade 4 RASSO
Joanna Martin QC (2005) Grade 4 RASSO
Piers Norsworthy (2001) Grade 4 RASSO
Edward Bailey (1990) Grade 3
Julia Cox (2006) Grade 3
Judith Constable (2012) Grade 2
Emily Cook (2002) Grade 3
Sally Daulton (2009) Grade 2
Althea Brooks (2017) Grade 2
Emma Cross (2017) Grade 2
Danielle Metters (2016) Grade 1
Jennifer Grehan (2016) Grade 1

Holly Rust (2019) Grade 1